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Video: Lola Brooke – Just Relax



Video: Lola Brooke - Just Relax

Lola Brooke is a skilled party animal. Over the past weekend, the Brooklyn rapper made the video for her brand-new song “Just Relax” available.

The small but formidable spitter can be seen partying all around New York City in the image. The excitement is tremendous whether she is stationed on a stairway, a stoop, or simply outside throughout the day. By having a few people in the film clutching boomboxes, she manages to replicate the retro vibe emanating from her sample of Black Sheep’s “The Choice Is Yours.” The introductory sentence also brought back memories of the earlier 106 & Park days.

“I only came here to ruin the party,” feeling smooth La-di-da-di, Rick. “F**k up the scene, blazin’ the beam.” In the second stanza, she raps, “Ni**as taking pictures like bi**hes (Cheese).”

Check out the music video for “Just Relax“.

Lola Brooke - Just Relax (Official Video)

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