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Video: Plies – Choke



Plies has never been afraid to discuss or rap about sexual matters. In the latest music video for “Choke,” the Fort Myers, Florida, rapper paid tribute to women who indulge in one of his favourite sex practises.

The 47-year-old artist is shown in the opening visual taking pictures with a woman beside a white Mercedes Benz. Plies clutches her neck as they continue taking pictures as she picks up the phone and walks in front of him. Whether the rapper is having a pedicure, at an office building or in a bedroom, the concept of choking willing women with his hands around their necks recurs throughout the film. Throughout the nearly two hours, a few of the women even clutch their own necks.

“She don’t like nice sh*t, she love when I choke her/ Tongue out her mouth, she love when I choke her/ Grab her by her neck, she love when I choke her/ Love me a bi**h who enjoy when I choke her,” he spits in the chorus. “Come her, little bi**h, let me grab your throat/ Grab your neck while I give you this stroke.”

Check Out The Music Video For “Choke”

Plies - Choke (Official Music Video)

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