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Video: Ari Lennox – Get Close



With “Get Close,” her new single, Ari Lennox is back. Produced by Wu10 and DZL, the song was released on Friday, November 17. The 32-year-old expresses her longing for romantic, intimate physical touch from her partner in her first solo release of 2023.

The singer and her partner experience the highs and lows of a close relationship in the Wes-directed music video. In the comfort of their own home, they cook together, share a bed, fight, and dance.

“You like Tupac, I like Janet / So damn stubborn, I won’t have it,” sings the Soul Train Award-nominated musician. “I laugh at it, boobies grab it / Take a road trip, screw the planning.”

Check Out The Music Video For “Get Close

Ari Lennox - Get Close (Official Music Video)


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