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Video: Ari Lennox – Waste My Time



Video: Ari Lennox - Waste My Time

In her “Waste My Time” music video, Ari Lennox pauses to consider her role in previous relationship problems. Or perhaps not. In the Val Vega-directed music video, the vocalist considers a physically satisfying relationship while considering her options.

The 31-year-old singer-songwriter is noticeably apprehensive as she walks into the office of a therapist who has received certification from Cold Outside University. Lennox is eager to confront her shortcomings as she sits across from a counselor.

They ask Ari, “So Ari, why do you think you keep falling for the type of guy?” As she considers a response, the “Queen Space” singer’s thoughts turn to a sensual relationship.

The roughly three-and-a-half-minute video features intimate exchanges between the performer and a lover along with visually gorgeous scenes of Ari singing in a pool of water, dancing seductively in gold, and wearing a blue gown.

After a final audible sigh, she replies, “Well, I mean, why do they keep falling for me?”

Check out the music video for “Waste My Time“.

Ari Lennox - Waste My Time (Official Music Video)

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