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Video: BlueFace Ft ChriseanRock – Dear Rock



Video: BlueFace Ft ChriseanRock - Dear Rock

Blueface and Chrisean Rock have acknowledged that the leaked wedding video from the previous week was actually from the set of their brand-new music video, “Dear Rock.” They resolve to attempt to make things work while addressing many of their recent controversies.

Hello Rock I’m sorry for what I did to your pops/But he hit me first so he had that coming,” the rapper from “Thotiana” says at the beginning of the video in spoken word. “I’ll be damned if I let another ni**a take my place/ I’m yo’ daddy now, he can’t change nothing,” the song’s lyrics state. “Cause I really been through a lot.”

Before the scene changes to him standing with his spouse, the groomsman says something while being surrounded by other groomsmen.

Check out the music video for “Dear Rock“.

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