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Video: Flo Milli – Conceited



Video: Flo Milli - Conceited

The talent of Flo Milli, a rapper, is noted for being straightforward and self-assured. Now, the native of Mobile, Alabama offers her signature style on her newest track, “Conceited,” which will be included on her forthcoming debut studio album titled You Still Here, Ho?

Conceited” was produced by Fyre, Trinidad James, and Kosine, and it perfectly captures the outspoken personality of the rapper. In the song, she flaunts both her innate ability to rap and her unabashed adoration for herself. Flo Milli relies heavily on the arrogance that has become her signature throughout the song, spitting two verses that are filled with words and bars that are aimed at taking down her rivals.

Since I was a fetus, I’ve been that bi**h. She raps in the second stanza, “Been had my stripes, no Adidas,” which translates to “I’ve always had my stripes.” “My opponents are taking pictures of us when they see us. I’m so fabulous. Bi**h, I’m fabulous. I don’t need his money.” I’ve had enough of you, bi**h. They are going to salute you like a pretty bi**h if you walk in.

In the music video for the boastful hymn, which was directed by NAYIP, Milli can be seen spitting her two verses against a variety of settings, including a manicure and hair salon, all while displaying her charisma and her upbeat demeanor.

Milli revealed that the key themes of her RCA Records debut album, titled You Still Here, Ho?, will be “black female empowerment and self-love.” However, the record does not yet have a release date. In order to promote the single, she also made a short video. This is not the first time that the rapper has paid tribute to reality TV queen Tiffany Pollard, who is most known for her role on the show I Love New York; she has done so in her past albums.

Check out the music video for “Conceited“.

Flo Milli - Conceited (Official Video)


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