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Samyra – Tequila In My Room



Samyra – Tequila In My Room
One of the most talented artists of this generation is Samyra. She has the range to play around with a melody and give a guttural punch with her runs and rifts.

With the fervent lyricism of her new single, she cathartically explores how she chooses to cope with a heartbreak while simultaneously dragging her ex for filth.

“The most raw song I’ve ever written and recorded is this one. Samyra wrote about the record on Instagram, “Conveying this story both vocally and visually has allowed me to explore my artistry in a way I never have before.”

We anticipate that the success of this record will serve as an impetus for her to release full-length albums, despite the fact that she has not yet done so.

Samyra - "Tequila in My Room" (Official Music Video)

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