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Elevation Rhythm Drops ‘This is the Gospel’ EP



Elevation Rhythm – You Will Be SavedA new album called “This is the Gospel” has been released from the platform of the American gospel music group, Elevation rhythm, whose songs have blessed countless lives. The album is an EP that was clearly written with the interest of listeners in mind.

Elevation Rhythm strives to lead youth and young adults in worship where they can encounter the presence and love of Jesus through modern, upbeat, and moving worship. The musical group have released several albums like “Over & Over“, “Back Then“, “Trust“, amongst others.

If you’ve ever wondered what an EP stands for, it is an extended play, which is a musical recording with more tracks than a single but fewer than an album or LP record. EPs usually contain four or five tracks.

Following the group’s debut album, “Growing Pains“, which was released in 2022, “This Is The Gospel,” a seven-track project, is just a continuation of where the baton was last dropped because it is just another highly inspirational collection of gospel-elevating songs. Consequently, if you have a taste for excellent Gospel/Christian music, whether it be in the Afro-Gospel style or contemporary tunes, then “This Is The Gospel” is the right and appropriate song for you.

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The purpose of the song “This Is The Gospel,” which was created under the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, is to encourage the listeners’ faith in God. The song’s stunning vocals, lyrics, energy, and inspiration are more than enough to captivate its listeners. The album unites a variety of gospel musicians, each of whom contributes an entire seven fantastic and incredibly inspirational songs.

Elevation Rhythm is a new expression of worship from the Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC. The youth and young adults are at the forefront of their mission, but the elderly are not forgotten. Elevation Rhythm believes in creating songs with bold sounds, textures, and genres, and as a result, they aim to create a space for those seeking purpose, identity, and acceptance to encounter Jesus.

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Elevation Rhythm may appear to be the song for the next generation, but the collection is rooted in far more than trendy sounds, as it lays out the plain truth for a world in desperate need of something to believe in.

According to Josh Holiday, when interviewed on the inspiration behind the song, the elevation Rhythm’s lead architect and primary producer said he felt the call and responsibility that if the next generation needs a foundation for their faith, what does that foundation look like? What is the Gospel? What are the Pillars? What is the Truth? And in answering those questions, He just knew this next album had to be truth-centered, and hence the need to create music that was going to be foundational for the next generation in their faith journey.

The seven tracks in the album include Praises, You will be saved, Good News, Wind of Love, Streetlights, This Is The Gospel, and Purify. The song has a catchy and upbeat beat with the lyrics conveying a message of faith, love, and salvation.

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The album’s “This Is The Gospel” track, which also features Joe L. Barnes, is a call to Christians to share the good news of how God created the world, heals his people, and his undying love for people. The chorus, “ This is the Gospel, this is the Good News/Tell everybody how He saved you/This is the Gospel, come hear the Good News/Tell everybody, there’s a God that loves you”

The album’s “You will be saved” is a soul-winning song that also lifts the soul. It exhorts Christians to seek God’s face and to remain fearless, adding that God will not turn away from them despite their transgression. It also reminds the listerners that Jesus died for the sake of his people.

The Chorus focused on this saying, “ Call on Jesus, say His name/Just receive Him in your heart and you will be saved/And God has raised Him from the grave/Just believe it in your heart and you will be saved.”

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