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RJAE You’re The Problem Album



RJAE You’re The Problem Album
On You’re The Problem, an 11-track love letter to humanity’s flaws and how they affect interpersonal relationships, RJAE talks openly about personal matters.

The New Orleans singer opens “Her Favorite Jhene Aiko Song” by saying that he doesn’t mind going to her wedding because he knows she’s cheating. It’s the kind of love that can be exciting and exhausting for both parties at the same time.

The upbeat bop “Closure” contains some difficult truths. RJAE raps that he doesn’t care if a girl uses him and wants to be his only girl.

The young star invites NBA Youngboy, 4ayem, Hollygrove Keem, and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie to share their personal struggles. Love is hard.

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