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Video: Lady London – Yea Yea Ft Dreezy



In their new song “Yea Yea,” Lady London and Dreezy collaborate to level the dating playing field. The partnership, which Nami and Nick Mira produced, serves as a reminder that two people can play the same game.

The Chicago rapper begins the first stanza by rhyming, “See, if my main ni**a tweak, my lil’ yeah yeah gon’ pick me up/Now he like, ‘How you gettin’ FaceTimes from Pizza Hut?'” If you don’t know your worth, these ni**as will try to lowball you. If your card is declined, I’ll treat your phone call in the same manner.

The representative from the East Coast follows up “He repeatedly asks, ‘What are we?'” The catchy hook repeatedly states, “I tell him ‘I don’t know’/ That’s my lil’ yeah yeah, he never tell me no.

The women are dressed to the nines in Sam Brave’s song video, which also has a variety of men nearby. The image, particularly a sequence in black and white, is similar to Destiny Child’s “Soldier” video, in which the legendary girl group similarly outlined their wishes and requirements.

Check Out The Music Video For “Yea Yea

Lady London - Yea Yea with Dreezy (Official Video)


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