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NF Releases New Album ‘Hope’




American rapper and producer, Nathan John Feuerstein, popularly known by his initials NF, has released his highly anticipated album titled “Hope.”

The fifth studio album by NF, titled “Hope,” was released on April 7,2023. This is his first full-length release since ‘The Search’ in 2019. For this project, he largely influenced his style. Instead of his more solemn themes, NF adopts a more upbeat outlook on life.

With over 30 billion global streams and a reputation as one of the most consistent and consumed artists, NF has amassed an obscenely devoted fanbase that allows him to connect with his audience in a genuine way.

Talking about his new album on Twitter, NF told fans: “I don’t take this long on albums because I want to. Each album my perfectionism has gotten worse. This project I’ve experienced a lot of ocd obsessions that use to help me in the past but now have increased to an unhealthy level. That being said I’m really excited to share it.”

As he evaluates his musical career thus far and looks to the future, the singer is at his most unadulterated and unfiltered in this song. A suitably upbeat visual for ‘Hope’ is included in the song.

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The 13-track album “hope” includes the songs “Gone” with Julia Michaels and “Careful” with rapper Cordae. Following the announcement of the album, NF takes over the weekend with “Hope,” his special album, which features incredible songs.

Tracklist for the album ‘Hope’:

  1. HOPE
  2. MOTTO
  3. CAREFUL (feat. Cordae)
  4. MAMA
  5. HAPPY
  8. GONE (feat. Julia Michaels)

‘Hope,’ the fifth studio album from Michigan rapper N.F., features his recognizable introspective and emotional sound, in keeping with his reputation for writing similarly emotional and introspective lyrics.

The album’s song “Motto” is a clear representation of the music industry as a whole. NF  supports genuine individualism over industry homogeneity.

Even some of the songs in the album have a pop influence, like “Gone” and “Mistake.” The former contains some pleasant sonic surprises and is the album’s first appearance of a female voice,  Julia Michaels.

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The track, ‘Mama’ stands out on the album because of the combination of powerful piano chords, an emotional vocal loop, and a calmer vocal delivery. It pays tribute to the rapper’s late mother. The second verse, “I gotta know Mama,” is relatable because it shows the rapper reaching beyond the limits of mortality in an attempt to express his love to his mother.

He sings, “ I barely read any of ’em knowin’ I’d let them go to my head/ And get to me, especially when I feel I related/ Might not be around for my babies, but know when I say that I love you, that I mean it okay?/ ‘Cause nobody’s perfect Yeah, I guess we all fall short/ And I can’t hold this unforgiveness in my heart no more/ So just know you’re/ Loveable to me, and of course/ You’ll always be Mama to us, we’ll save a table for four.”

A love letter to his wife is written in the song “Bullet,” which combines contemporary tonal qualities with N.F.’s traditional flow and rhythms. In the line, “ Beautiful is what you are, I know you doubt it daily/ Words will never be enough to describe the way we/ Both connected when you had our baby/ I’m proud of you, I can’t believe it, it still fascinates me/ Watchin’ us grow, seems like yesterday we met/ Life is flyin’ by, makes me emotional just talkin’ ’bout it/ Got a lotta memories, things I could nevеr forget you gave me/ Lifе when I was on empty and I was goin’ crazy/ Still by my side, it’s only right that I’d return the favor/ You changed my life and gave me love when I had none to offer”


Happy” is one of the album’s stronger productions that uses more uniqueness to convey its message. The rapper bemoans baggage, trauma, and issues in the song’s lyrics. “Let Em Pray” and “Turn My Back” tracks both contain plenty of this kind of conceit.

Running,” is a slower, acoustic guitar-heavy track in which the rapper declares his intention to stop running in order to confront his demons and finally let go.

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