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Hillsong Worship – Still / P E A C E

The project titled “Take Heart (Again)” Album Zip is really timely. All three worship expressions of Hillsong Church—Hillsong Worship, Hillsong United, and Hillsong Young and Free—joined together in prayer to craft an offering of songs, critical confessions about God’s unrivaled lordship, His surpassing peace, the stillness of His presence, and the hope that no one but Jesus can offer. This offering is titled “Hillsong Worship.” These songs are memorials; they serve as memories of times and places in history when the power of God has acted forcefully in the past and will move again in the future. The faithful would Take Heart (Again), Pray (Again), Surrender (Again), and Declare (Again) is the overarching goal of this project, and the title of the CD reflects this objective perfectly. We pray that as you sing out loud to this Album, which includes the songs “Hosanna,” “Who You Say I Am,” and “Broken Vessels,” that your spirit would hear your voice tell of truth of who God is and what he has done, and that you would Take Heart (Again).

Hillsong Worship Take Heart (Again) ALBUM Tracklist


  1. Hillsong Worship – Hosanna
  2. Hillsong Music – For Those Who Are To Come
  3.  Hillsong Worship – New Wine
  4. Hillsong Worship – Heart Of God
  5. Hillsong Worship – I Surrender
  6. Hillsong Worship – Selah / All My Life
  7. Hillsong Worship – Take Heart (MMXX)
  8. Hillsong Worship – Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)
  9. Hillsong Worship – Who You Say I Am
  10. Hillsong Worship – Highs & Lows
  11. Hillsong Worship – Eagle’s Wings
  12. Hillsong Worship – Still / P E A C E
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