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Abbie Gamboa – No Life Apart

Download this incredible new live album titled pure, which was created by a well-known singer and songwriter from Texas named Abbie Gamboa and features UpperRoom.

This tremendous album effort titled Pure Album Zip , which includes contributions from a wide variety of different gospel artists, is now available for streaming and downloading across all digital platforms. It consists of 14 tracks.

Abbie Gamboa Pure Album Tracklist

  1. Abbie Gamboa – Intro
  2.  Abbie Gamboa – Moonflower
  3. Abbie Gamboa – Pure
  4.  Abbie Gamboa – Pure (Outro)
  5. Abbie Gamboa – Eyes Locked On The King
  6. Abbie Gamboa – Dad Song
  7. Abbie Gamboa – Too Good
  8. Abbie Gamboa – I Get Overwhelmed Sometimes
  9. Abbie Gamboa – Want
  10.  Abbie Gamboa – I’M Here
  11. Abbie Gamboa – Give Thanks
  12. Abbie Gamboa – Window For Glory To Slide In
  13. Abbie Gamboa – Mountain Air
  14. Abbie Gamboa – No Life Apart
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