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Video: T.I. – What It’s Come To



Video: T.I. - What It's Come To

Rapper T.I. removes all pretense of guilt in the music video for his newest track, titled “What It’s Come To,” in which he addresses the sexual assault allegations that have been leveled against him and his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris. He also declares that the charges are false.

Beginning with audio of Sabrina Peterson, the woman and former family friend who accused Tip of placing a gun to her head, the visual was directed by Tip himself under his VisionMob banner. The visual begins with audio of Sabrina Peterson demanding a public apology from the Harrises in exchange for her dropping the defamation lawsuit she filed against the couple. Tip directed the visual. Throughout the entirety of the clip, viewers can see Tip writing and recording his response in a studio, which is juxtaposed with pictures of actual news articles and headlines from a variety of sources of media.

The leader of the Grand Hustle laughs at the idea that he might be buckling under the weight of the accusations, rhyming: “Extortion, ain’t that what you got your mind on, shawty/ Bet you thought this sh*t was sweet and I’d pay in a week; better look at all the traffic while you play in the street.” “Tell her to get it how you live, shawty; I ain’t going for it; I’m going to take it all the way every day of the week.”

At the very end of the music video, the rapper unveils the artwork for the cover of his upcoming studio album, which is titled Kill The King. Below the artwork, extra text reads, “The Final Album Coming Soon.”

Shortly after the music video was made public, Peterson gave his response in an Instagram post that has since been deleted. In the post, he accused T.I. of engaging in victim shaming and cautioned him that his arrogant behavior would ultimately prove to be his downfall, as it may potentially infuriate further alleged victims.

Peterson wrote in his response, “You are not taunting me; rather, you are taunting your investigators.” “You aren’t making fun of me; rather, you are kindling more women who have kept their mouths shut about being assaulted by you. A significant number of your followers have at some point in their lives experienced victimization. She continued by saying, “Your strategies don’t look very good.” It really is a tragedy! It’s very upsetting to think about! It is one thing to put a gun to a lady’s head; it is an entirely different thing to keep trying to victimize the same woman over and over again. After everything was said and done, I chose the moral high ground and made an effort to show mercy, but you responded with ridicule. Come out from behind the counter and the cameras and SEE ME IN COURT!

Check out the music video for “What It’s Come To“.

T.I. - What It's Come To [Official Video]

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