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Video: JoJo – When Love Hurts



Video: JoJo - When Love Hurts

JoJo, who won our hearts with her catchy 2004 smash single “Leave (Get Out),” is all grown up in the music video for her song “When Love Hurts” off of her new incredibly short EP, III (or her “Tringle”).

In the music video, dancers walk around the singer and perform a variety of dance techniques while JoJo, who is now 24 years old, parades around in a variety of white and grey outfits while singing about a relationship that is fraught with conflict.

III was released on August 21, and all three of her singles, “Say Love,” “Save My Soul,” and “When Love Hurts” are scheduled to be on her full-length solo album, which is set to be released by Atlantic Records either later this year or early in the following year. Harmony “H-Money” Samuels was the producer of “Say Love,” while The Family was the one who was responsible for “Save My Soul,” and “When Love Hurts” was produced by a collaboration between Jason Evigan and Benny Blanco.

JoJo has expressed her enthusiasm for her upcoming album as well as her return to the music industry in a statement that was distributed by Atlantic Records. “I’m anxious because it’s been a long time coming, but I don’t get hung up on the fact that it’s been a long time. It’s been a long time. ” The time has come right now.”

Check out the music video for “When Love Hurts “.

JoJo - When Love Hurts [Official Video]


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