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Video: EST Gee & Yo Gotti – A MOMENT WITH GOTTI



Video: EST Gee & Yo Gotti - A MOMENT WITH GOTTI

Yo Gotti and EST Gee can be seen in the newest music video for “A Moment with Gotti.” In the videos, the two males can be seen rapping in front of a collection of luxurious cars that are all white at an unknown warehouse. EST opens the song with his verse, rapping on his opportunities and desire to provide his children opportunities.

The Louisville rapper claims, “Plus my sons in the buttons, they know their daddy been thuggin’/ Even though I know they make me sure I love ‘еm with money,”

I’m the king of the jungle, but they don’t choose me to be the leader. I undercut my rivals, even though it’s cheaper. We eat, Russian puts it in the freezer, hoping it won’t clog up his needle. I’m going to pop it like Gotti, playing Touchdown through my speakers. With all of my jewelry in my car, a ni**a ain’t touchin’ me either.

Check Out The Music Video For “A MOMENT WITH GOTTI

EST Gee, Yo Gotti - A MOMENT WITH GOTTI (Official Music Video)

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