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5 Recognized South Africa Amapiano Female Artists



Most Talked About South African Amapiano Artists

Nkosazanah Daughter

As amapiano develops, so does South African music, as the “voice of the people,” kwaito, adjusts to find new techniques for articulating itself thoughts in the overall mainstream society banter. House music has always been dominated by men. Women in South Africa are constantly fighting to change the narratives about how they helped the country advance. You can checkout Most Talked About South African Amapiano Artists.

Nkosazanah Daughter

Nkosazanah Nolwazi Kimberly (born October 6, 2000) is a South African singer otherwise called Nkosazana Daughter. She is also an artist, songwriter, and musician. She is from South Africa and has accomplished distinction by means of her specialty.

The entertainment personality’s popularity is growing, despite the fact that she is not a new face on television. She is the author of a number of songs that made her famous. The well-known songwriter is a source of inspiration for many people, particularly women. Nkosazana Daughter has gained popularity in a short time. She has collaborated with other house producers and Amapiano artists.

Nkosazanah Daughter songs

  • Izitha
  • Uzolala la
  • Ukuthandwa
  • Masango

Babalwa M

Babalwa M, named the “queen of private school amapiano,” is generally known for her shining vocals over pioneer Kelvin Momo’s manifestations, for example, “iMali” on Bayeke, the 2020 blockbuster EP. On her hotly anticipated first collection, Aluta Continua, she takes Kelvin back to remind us why she’s more than procured her spot as one of the most sought after singers to lead the way for different women on this rundown.

For those who value more jazz, soul, and pure piano excellence, each note has been worth it. This renowned singer-songwriter’s in the spotlight, which was first heard over a year ago during Momo’s Lockdown sessions, was eagerly awaited by fans across the country.

Babalwa M Songs

  • Feza
  • Ungazilibali
  • Momo Lo
  • Bayeke
  • Aluta Continua

Nicole Elocin

When Nicole Elocin was 11 years old, she sang in a church chorus for the first time. She was raised in Kempton Park and the Eastern Cape. Nicole made her amapiano debut at the age of 20 on Tyler ICU’s Money Heist EP. She destroyed on her interpretation of the Italian anti-fascist hymn “Bella Ciao” in a way that only amapiano can convey a reference to pop culture.

Nicole Elocin Songs

  • Bella Ciao
  • Awutholakali
  • Need You
  • Money Heist
  • Amaphupho


Bassie, also known as Basetsana Maluleka, is a well-known singer-songwriter who has recently emerged. Bassie’s career highlights include a stellar debut on the influential Channel O Lockdown House Party in Season 1 and co-writing big songs with amapiano pioneers MFR Souls in “Bathandwa” and “Sizani,” both of which feature Boohle and were flawlessly produced by T-Man SA.

Soulful G

Gugu Bikani, also known as Soulful G, a South African Public Institute of Arts alumni, stunned South Africa with her impeccably layered vocal exhibition on “uThando” with experienced super makers Shaun 101 and Soa Mattrix. As evidenced by the enthusiastic applause she received each time she took the stage, the song became an instant hit when she was just 21 years old. It depicted the transcendent love that could only be summoned by the ancestors.

Soulful G Songs

  • uThando
  • Buyisa
  • Sounds of Africa
  • Don’t Tatazel
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