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Gene Moore – Thanks (Remix)

Gene Moore, a crooner known for his soulful music, is back with his newest album, titled “Introspection Ep Zip.” Gene’s most recent project is called Introspection, and it is a six-track EP that weaves a creative narrative, furthering Gene’s journey of self-reflection and discovery through his particular lens of religion. Gene’s path of self-discovery is explored in depth across all six tracks of this extended play. Gene simultaneously harkens on sounds and motifs that have been used for an indefinite amount of time as representations of Black music and culture while smoothly mixing jazz, R&B, and Gospel in a way that is unique.

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Gene Moore Introspection Ep Tracklist

  1. Gene Moore – Alright
  2. Gene Moore – Beautiful
  3. Gene Moore – Commit
  4. Gene Moore – No Doubt (Interlude)
  5. Gene Moore – I Believe
  6. Gene Moore – Thanks (Remix)
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