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Video: Meek Mill – Intro



Video: Meek Mill - Intro

Meek Mill, who was born and raised in Philadelphia and calls himself the “Champion of the United States,” released the official music video for his song “Intro” on Monday (December 10).

The three-minute visual was directed by Kid Art, and it portrays Meek’s mental state as he re-enters the rap game while he continues to battle the legal system as a young black man. The video runs for three minutes. “Intro” is a look back at the 31-year-old’s rise to fame as a renowned rapper from North Philadelphia, and it was most likely recorded while he was surrounded by the people he believes to be his family.

Scenes of club confetti, gunshot holes, poured out bottles of Ace of Spades, and dirt bikes all jumbled together in the film, which is assumed to be a reference to Meek Mill’s unfair time spent behind bars. The video juxtaposes his current lifestyle with not-so-distant memories of the trenches.

Meek Mill delivers the lyrics, “Pouring champagne ’cause all my n***s dead/ If they ain’t in the graveyard, then they in the feds/ I give a f**k if that crown heavy, put it on my head” over the instrumental to Phil Collins’ song “In the Air.”

Last week, on December 2, music engineers Young Guru and Anthony Cruz spoke to VIBE about Meek’s choice to sample Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” on the track. They stated that “Meek had this vision” to flip the classic track ever since he first heard it in Paid in Full, and that he was glad to finally make it happen in a standout fashion on “Intro.”

Check out the music video for “Intro“.

Meek Mill - Intro (Official Video)

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