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Video: Meek Mill – Flamerz Flow



Video: Meek Mill - Flamerz Flow

Meek Mill has provided his fans with a music video for his most recent offering, “Flamerz Flow,” which was produced by 30 Roc. In the video, the Philadelphia-born rhyme animal can be seen flexing with Bobby Shmurda and partying with Dave East. Fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Meek Mill’s next full-length project, which is now at a feverish pitch.
The clip, which was directed by Carters Vision and embodies the frenetic speed of Meek’s lifestyle, features jittery transitions between a caravan of motorbikes prowling through the streets of New York City and pictures of him and his Dreamchasers crew in the studio and toasting to the high life. The clip was also directed by Carters Vision. Meek screams atop the throbbing backdrop, offering the seemingly standard COVID-19 reference that has become all the rage among rap artists, while rejoicing in his ability to defy the odds while acquiring a substantial amount of cash. “We was masking up before Corona,” Meek yells. “We was masking up before Corona,” Meek growls. Meek is putting his fans on notice that his climb in the rap ranks hasn’t quenched his appetite in the least bit by adopting the same quick delivery that first propelled him onto the big stage 10 years ago. This could be a portent of things to come.
At first, it was thought that Bobby Shmurda, who encourages Meek Mill to compete in a push-up contest during his presence in the video, would be included on the record. However, the member of GS9 is only playing the role of a hype guy, encouraging Meek Mill while mean-mugging the camera. It was Mill who Shmurda acknowledged as the first major artist to embrace him in the midst of his viral success from his 2014 track, “Hot Ni**a,” and provide him advise on navigating the industry and its pitfalls. The cameo makes for a full-circle moment, as it was Mill whom Shmurda acknowledged as the first significant musician to appear in the video. Due to the unfortunate events that followed those chats, both artists would eventually end up in jail. In spite of the difficulties that each of them has had to face on their own, they have managed to maintain a strong relationship, and “Flamerz Flow” is the most recent example of their brotherhood.
Meek is working hard to ensure that the upcoming season is his best one yet, as summer is drawing near. Meek appears to be gearing up for a new release, possibly even a sequel to his Legends of the Summer EP that was published in 2018. He has recently released “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” and “Flamerz Flow,” both of which have helped to revive the hype that was generated by his Quarantine Pack EP. It is safe to assume that Millz is set on establishing himself as the man of the season given the fact that VIBE received information that a new project was approaching at Meek Mill’s Tidal-sponsored “Best Summer Ever” event last weekend and that Millz confirmed the tip on Instagram today. Meek Mill’s “Best Summer Ever” event took place last weekend.

Check out the music video for “Flamerz Flow“.

Meek Mill - Flamerz Flow

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