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Video: Mary J. Blige – Come See About Me feat. Fabolous



Video: Mary J. Blige - Come See About Me feat. Fabolous

The music video for Mary J. Blige’s current track, “Come See About Me,” which is taken from her album Good Morning Gorgeous, features the singer basking in the light of her beach vista. The music video starts off with the rapper Fabolous, who is featured on the record, sitting on the roof of a jeep that is being driven by a beautiful woman. MJB astonishes spectators with her stunning appearance as she lounges around in a two-piece bikini, has a drink, and basks in the sun. Fab raps in the introductory line, “You gotta come see ’bout me/ If you really want the truth, then ask me ’bout me,” before stepping aside to let his co-star take the spotlight.

Mary is seen living her best life as she spends private moments on the beach with her potential romantic interest. She is seen loving her best life by playing around in the water and busts a few sensuous movements that are on the verge of being seductive. R&B legend Mary J. Blige sings over top of a backdrop created by the production team of Cool & Dre, “Come, come and see about me/ You know I’m really in a good mood,” as she expresses her love and affection for her lover.

The music video for “Come See About Me” was released exactly one week after the release of a visualizer for the song “Here With Me” starring Anderson from the Good Morning Gorgeous album.Paak and Mary’s performance at Apple Music Live on July 13 in New York City comes before Paak and Mary’s performance.

Check out the music video for “Come See About Me“.

Mary J. Blige - Come See About Me (feat. Fabolous) [Official Video]


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