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Video: Kaash Paige, 6LACK – Miss My Dawgs



Video: Kaash Paige, 6LACK - Miss My Dawgs

The reality of being separated from past loved ones is depicted in Kaash Paige and 6lack’s new video, “Miss My Dawgs.” The 21-year-old Dallas singer, who is alone in her spacecraft, arrives in a desert by herself before joining the East Atlanta Love Letter musician. Despite their seeming sad demeanor, the two enjoy at least having each other.

Paige’s third single of the year, following “24 Hours” with Lil Tjay and “Girlfriend,” is “Miss My Dawgs.” The artist presented three different versions of “Girlfriend”: one that was sped up, one that was slowed down and reverbed, and one that was “Chopped Not Slopped” by the renowned DJ Candlestick.

Check out the music video for “Miss My Dawgs“.

Kaash Paige, 6LACK - Miss My Dawgs

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