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Video: FendiDa Rappa & Cardi B – Point Me 2



Video: FendiDa Rappa & Cardi B - Point Me 2

Cardi B and FendiDa Rappa collaborated to release the “Point Me 2” music video’s graphics. The pair can be seen flirting with other ladies, twerking, and mean-mugging their way across Chicago’s streets in the Michelle Parker-directed video. As they danced to the popular drill song, groups of young people were also visible. Special effects gave the dancers luminous spectacles, glowing feet, and even guns flying from their fingertips.

On the track’s second half, Cardi steals the show by giving the song fresh life through her verse. The native of New York City adds her signature energy and hilarious phrases to “Point Me 2,” putting down her detractors, hyping her sexual skills, and bragging about her capacity to grab a bag by whatever means.

Check out the music video for “Point Me 2

FendiDa Rappa 'Point Me 2' (with Cardi B) [Official Video]

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