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Video: Don Omar x Akon – Good Girl



Video: Don Omar x Don Omar x Akon - Good Girl

Don Omar and Akon have collaborated on the song and video “Good Girl,” which was directed by Carlos Pérez.

Shot in Miami, the opening scene of the video follows a bad girl into the back of a building before she makes her way to the bar. The dancer with classical training is then seen luring spectators with her perilous curves on stage while the camera then shows the same “good girl” getting ready to perform.

Akon insists in the hook, “And she’s a good girl caught up in a bad world/and if you ask her, she’ll say the same thing.” “She said she’s a good girl turned into a bad girl/caught up in a bad world,” he continues.

Check out the music video for “Good Girl“.

Don Omar x Akon - Good Girl [Official Music Video]

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