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Video: Cardi B & Bruno Mars – Please Me



Video: Cardi B & Bruno Mars - Please Me

Cardi B and Bruno Mars have just released the steamy music video for their most recent collaboration, “Please Me.” On Friday, March 1, around ten o’clock in the morning Eastern Standard Time, the approximately four-minute film was made available. The rap song with a hint of R&B, which features the singer from 24K Magic on the chorus, has climbed all the way up to the fifth spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at the moment.

In the music video, which is set “somewhere in Los Angeles,” Cardi and Bruno can be seen making eye contact in a taco restaurant after a party. At the same time, both of them are surrounded by their respective crews. Cardi and her four best pals break into a body-roll dance routine in order to attract the attention of the male patrons located across the restaurant. Bruno, who is famous for his dancing ability, shows off his movements in an effort to impress Bardi and the rest of her crew. In the end, all of the groups spend time together, and Bruno and Cardi wind up becoming very close to one another.

Cardi B, who was seen making the announcement for the release of the video while wearing a white lace bodysuit, disclosed that she genuinely cherished what they did for this clip. Tanisha Scott, Phil Tayag, and Bruno Mars were the ones in charge of the choreography, while Mars and Florent Dechard were the ones in charge of directing it.

Cardi giggled and said, “I really just wanted to do a video because I’m really feelin’ myself,” in her video announcement.

Check out the music video for “Please me“.

Cardi B & Bruno Mars - Please Me (Official Video)

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