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Babyface Ray – Fly Gods Ft Westside Gunn



Babyface Ray Summers Mine Album

Babyface Ray Fly Gods Mp3

Fly Gods” is a brand-new song from brilliant American rapper Babyface Ray. The song, which features Babyface Ray’s distinct style and lyrical talent, is evidence of his extraordinary abilities as a rapper and artist. Babyface Ray effortlessly holds listeners’ attention with his smooth flow and alluring delivery, making “Fly Gods” an essential addition to any music lover’s repertoire.

The 15th song on his much awaited album, “Summer’s Mine,” “Fly Gods” stands out among the other 16 songs on the record as a standout. Babyface Ray’s universe is revealed through each song on the album, with “Fly Gods” acting as a shining example of his talent for writing catchy, enduring tunes.

Babyface Ray works with renowned musician Westside Gunn, which heightens the appeal of “Fly Gods”. Westside Gunn, who is renowned for his extraordinary talent and distinctive approach, contributes an incredible verse that harmonises wonderfully with Babyface Ray’s atmosphere and enthusiasm. Their work together on “Fly Gods” is evidence of their respect and admiration for each other’s skill, which has led to a seamless fusion of their unique talents.

Play Babyface Ray’s Fly Gods by pressing play below.

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